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Our School Age Classrooms (Kindergarten to 12 years)

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The Guild of St. Agnes strives to provide your child a fun, safe, and engaging learning environment. We provide your child with the quality program they deserve. Communication is a high-priority, and our teachers use our FAMLY app to communicate with you regarding your child’s daily activities. All of our school age teachers and programs are licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC). 

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Classroom Ratios:    1 Teacher to 13 School Agers                                                             2 Teachers to 26 School Agers

Our School Age Program Locations:

School Age Classroom Daily Activities


On school days, our school agers receive a snack when they arrive to the program after school. On non-school days, our school agers are served 3 meals each day, Breakfast, Lunch, and Snack. Each meal is served within USDA compliance. Menus are provided to parents on a weekly basis. Your child’s meal will be recorded in your child’s FAMLY app daily activities note. 


Circle time is a group activity where children interact with the teachers and each other. Circle time is used to review the calendar, weather, reflect, discuss, and learn. We focus on KWL: Know, Want to Know, and Learned with our weekly topics. Developing social/emotional skills, practicing focus, strengthening communications skills, and engaging with activities are some of the many benefits of group time


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Small group activities are available for your school ager. These activities allow children to experience their interests in a smaller area such as dramatic play and house area (for our youngest friends), block area, science area, book area, arts & crafts area, and technology area. Our small group activities feature toys and materials to enhance your child’s learning experience within that area. Children can practice reading, writing, cognitive skills, critical thinking, fine motor skills, and much more during these activities.

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We know homework can be difficult! Our school age staff will provide your child with homework assistance and guidance as needed. Our school age programs can work to offer your child a quiet place to focus and work on their homework. Some of our oldest students may have larger amounts of homework, so while we will do our best there will be times when some needs to be completed at home.



School Agers who have been at school all day or are attending full-day care come to our programs with excitement and anticipation! We ensure our programs are inviting and engaging for all school agers. Our classrooms offer fun games, toys, and activities to allow your child to be a kid and PLAY!


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Our school age programs offer fun and safe outdoor play time daily. We enjoy introducing new outdoor games and sports to the children while promoting teamwork, camaraderie, and exercise. The outdoor spaces allow children to safely exert energy, play games with peers, and enjoy the fresh air!


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We know that our classrooms are fun, but sometimes you need to get away from the same setting every day. Our summer school age programs offer weekly field trips to exciting new places such as museums, parks, zoos, movie theaters, and recreational sites! 


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