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Our Infant Classrooms (Ages 4 weeks to 14 months)

The Guild of St. Agnes strives to provide your new baby a loving, safe, and engaging learning environment. During these crucial developmental months, we provide your child with the quality care they deserve. Bottles, diapering, naps, and meals vary throughout the day based on each child’s individual daily schedules and needs. Communication is a high-priority, and our teachers use our FAMLY app to communicate with you regarding your child’s daily activities. All of our Infant teachers and programs are licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC). 

Classroom Ratios:    1 Teacher to 3 Infants                                                   2 Teachers to 7 Infants

Our Infant Classroom Locations:

Infant Classroom Daily Activities

Your child will be served food based on their individual needs and schedule. Your child’s meals will be recorded in your child’s FAMLY app daily activities note. Infant parents are asked to provide their child’s food and drink based on their individual needs and developmental stage. 


Your child’s health and wellbeing are our top priority. We ensure classroom cleanliness and proper sanitizing techniques throughout the day. Your child will be changed regularly, and diapering occurrences will be recorded in your child’s FAMLY app daily activities note. 


Language development is an important foundational element to a child’s growth. We promote language development through many different activities. Our teachers are well-trained in cultivating interactions with your child to promote positive language experiences such as singing songs, reading books, and social interactions directly from the teacher to your child.  Children also learn socialization through interactions with their peers!


Our classrooms are specifically designed with infants in mind! Alongside stimulating fine motor toys such as balls, stacking toys, and simple puzzles, we have classroom equipment that encourages your child to utilize and improve their gross motor skills. Mats, indoor soft climbers, and mirrors with pull-up rails.   


We know that growth and learning can be tiring! Your child will be provided with their own clean, comfortable, and safe crib for resting. Our teachers will work with you to ensure consistency with at-home napping practices. Your child’s naps will be recorded and shared with you through our FAMLY app. All teachers are trained in safe sleep practices and SIDS awareness & prevention.


Sensory stimulation is another important piece of growth and development. Our infant programs provide many sensory toys and activities for your child. Classrooms are full of rattle toys, soft stuffed toys, musical toys, and much more!


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