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At the Guild of St. Agnes,we provide a safe and loving environment for children ages 4 weeks to 12 years. Our teachers are trained professionals who are certified through the MA Department of Early Education and Care. Following the theories of Jean Piaget, Howard Gardner and Lev Vygotsky, we believe children learn through play and interacting with adults, other children and their surroundings. This learning process begins with a child forming an awareness of something; exploring it, making inquiries about it; and ending with applying the information gained from those inquiries.

Guild teachers know the learning process and child development, are supportive of children and their families, and plan curriculums designed to meet the needs of individual children and the group as a whole. To do this, we use Teaching Strategies Gold (TSG) in our center-based programs. TSG is an assessment, reporting, and curriculum planning system that helps teachers to plan meaningful activities that match children’s strengths, needs and interests. Children experience the curriculum topics through hands-on activities and play. The curriculum and age-appropriate materials allow children to develop through each stage of learning at their own pace.

The staff encourage and are open to communicating with parents/families. When parents/families and teachers have effective communication, the child feels safe and secure, and this contributes greatly to a child’s learning, the foundation of our program.

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