Board of Directors and Administration


  • Chair: Cheryl DelSignore
  • Vice Chair: Michael Akerson
  • Secretary: Patricia Couhig
  • Treasurer: Lee Davidson
  • Robert Blute
  • Linda Bonder
  • Mark Brophy
  • Ellen Daly
  • Kristen Diggins
  • Cherisa Hernandez
  • Robert Hunter
  • Betsy Landry
  • Christine Luce-Meagher
  • John Mahan
  • Lynn McCarroll
  • Stephen Mills  Ed.D.
  • Sally Niemi-Farhoody
  • Mark Nilson
  • Mary Ann Preskul-Ricca
  • Sean Rose


  • Sharon F MacDonald, President and CEO
  • Edward P. Madaus, Consultant
  • Mary Reardon, Director of Finance
  • Jenn Moore, Director of Human Resources
  • Katie Ferreira, Director of Communications & Development
  • Cheryl Clark, Director of Programs
  • Diane Robinson, Director of Programs
  • Nicole Martin, Director of School Age Programs
  • Vicki Russo, Director of Family Child Care
  • Fran Pedone, Director of Capital Planning & Management
  • Peter Allard, Director of Facilities
  • Mike Osborn, Director of Transportation
  • Deb Brown, Director of Food Services

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