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For those who qualify, the Guild of St. Agnes provides transportation as needed from the children’s homes/schools to center/school age programs.

At centers where the Guild provides transportation, each parent/authorized adult must accompany the child to the bus and must also be present to accompany the child from the drop off location at the end of the day.  The bus driver and monitor are responsible for the child while in transit.

The Guild’s responsibility for the child begins when the child boards the bus and ends when the child is returned home at the end of the day to the parent/ authorized adult. When a child receives services at an off-site agency, that agency is responsible for the child in transit.  The Guild of St. Agnes assumes responsibility for the child once the child is released to a Guild staff member.

At the time of enrollment, all school age parents/guardians are asked to complete a written transportation consent form which indicates how the child will arrive and return home from the program.

When a child enrolls at the Guild in need of transportation, a schedule is determined. When arranging times for transportation the Guild is sensitive to work and study schedules.  It is the school/authorized adult’s responsibility to have the child ready at the assigned time. When changes in pick-up or drop-off times are made, the Guild will contact both the school and the parent/authorized adult.


  • Drivers are to wait at each house for 3 minutes for both pick-up and drop-off.
  • If the parent/authorized adult is not at the designated drop off after the 3 minute wait the child will be returned to the center. It is then the responsibility of the parent/authorized adult to pick up the child at the center.
  • If a child has been returned to the center because a parent/authorized adult has not been at the drop off location, the parent/authorized adult needs to make arrangements to pick up the child by 5:30 p.m. A fee will be assessed after 5:30pm.
  • Please notify the Guild when your child is not in need of transportation.
  • Due to traffic and or weather conditions, the bus schedules may vary, therefore, we ask that you plan for 15 minutes leeway before and after the expected scheduled time.
  • In a medical emergency the driver will be instructed to go to the nearest hospital emergency room.
  • Children may not bring food or toys on the bus without prior approval by the Center Director or Program Administrator.
  • The bus will only pick up and drop off at the designated location. If there is a problem on a specific day that you will be unable to be at that location, then you will need to contact the program, cancel transportation and make your own transportation arrangements.
  • When public schools are closed, child care will be open, but there will be no transportation to the sites in the morning or home in the afternoon.
  • When the public schools have a delay in opening, there will be no transportation to the sites in the morning, but there will be transportation home from the sites in the afternoon.
  • When public schools are closed due to inclement weather, transportation will not be provided.


To Contact the Worcester Transportation Office call us at 508-756-8371 ext 6, for North County call us at 978-343-3042 and for South County, Webster call us at 508-461-6552, and for Charlton call us at 508-434-2345.

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