Guild of St Agnes Worcester MAAministrative Office
405 Grove Street
Worcester, MA 01605
Tel: 508-755-2238
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Guild of St. Agnes non-profit childcare and education agency early childhood education programs for children ages 4 weeks to 12 years. Central Mass

 Center Based Care Curriculum

 The Guild uses the "learning center model" to develop the cognitive, physical, and social  development of our children. Our educators play the critical role of nurturing and interacting with  the children to enhance their development. Centers are licensed by the MA Department of Early  Education and Care and are supervised by the Director and/or Assistant Director at each center.

 Infant Toddler Curriculum:

 In our infant and toddler programs, the children learn and grow by experiencing their  surroundings through their senses and social interactions, by physically moving around and  being cared for by loving, attentive adults. Teaching and learning through verbal and physical
 interactions, we focus on language development; cultural and human relations (sharing, taking  turns); concepts (up/down, in/out); colors, shapes and sizes; science (water, ice); developing  gross motor skills (balls, riding toys, mats); and fine motor skills (manipulating objects, puzzles,  crayons, painting). Our programs use Teaching Strategies GOLD an assessment, reporting, and  planning system. This system helps us to track what your child is doing and plan meaningful  activities that match his or her strengths, needs, and interests.

 Preschool Curriculum:

 All Lead Preschool Educators have earned a bachelor degree in Early Childhood Education or a related field. Each classroom is equipped with educational toys and materials which are appropriate for the age group of the children. An enclosed outdoor play space is provided at each center.

School Age Curriculum:

Creativity, flexibility and individuality are the qualities that guide our school age curriculum. When planning our program our educators seek a balance of activities which focus on academics (including homework help), enrichment activities centered around thematic units and recreational activities in which children learn cooperation and leadership skills. Through social interaction children work as a team to develop tolerance, acceptance and respect for others. As an added enhancement during the summer, children experience two off-site field trips each week and a variety of programs which introduce them to resources within our community.